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BMW works on boosting range fuel cell cars

BMW said it has developed a way to compress hydrogen to boost the range of its first production fuel cell vehicle.

The automaker's first series fuel cell vehicle will likely be a large sedan that will go on sale after 2020, BMW said.

Under its partnership with Toyota Motor Corp., BMW is working on compressing hydrogen at ultra-low temperatures to increase its storage volume, using as a base a fuel cell stack developed by Toyota.

BMW and Toyota have been cooperating on fuel cell technology since 2013, just before Toyota introduced its Mirai fuel cell model in late 2014. The hydrogen development partnership will end after 2020.

While the Mirai can travel around 700 kilometers (435 miles) on a single hydrogen fueling, BMW said it was developing a vehicle which would travel further, using compressed hydrogen, a process which would take a few more years to perfect.

Source: http://europe.autonews.com/


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