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Renting a Car in Germany

Bookingcar offers a wide range of options for renting a car in Germany
With us you can choose a car of any class that suits your needs perfectly.
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Our professional call center will help you understand all the intricacies of renting a car. We guarantee full support for the entire rental period.


There are a number of benefits for those who, going on a trip to Germany, chooses not to public transportation and rental cars:

  • the opportunity to be where you want, at a time that is convenient for you: select attractions, calculated using the navigator route - and you can as soon as possible to visit many places of interest;
  • almost complete freedom of action: with its own car you do not depend on the schedule of guided tours and can stay at the object of interest to you as much as you wish;
  • if you are traveling with a company, rent a car in Germany is cheaper than public transport to your chosen sites.

What you need

Regardless of whether you are making an early booking through the site, or rent a car already in Germany, you will need an international driver's license and credit card. Take care to her was enough money not only for rent, but also for the collateral. As a rule, the latter is returned within 2-4 weeks after the return of a car — of course, provided that you return the car in good form, and the company will not come fines that you have not paid.

For that you have to pay


As a rule, the rental price includes insurance against damage and leases run without restrictions (mileage), VAT.

You may want to pay separately for the second driver, the navigator, the child seat. The presence of the latter is mandatory if you have children. Will have to pay and if the driver has not yet turned 25 years old.


Without fuel will not get far. In Germany, presented for you to choose diesel or unleaded gasoline. Diesel, of course, cheaper than gasoline, but the cars, "consume" it will cost more. Sales also has ecological fuel, which, however, does not fit all cars. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify this point in the service of rental.


Renting a Car in GermanyUnfortunately, not always possible to do without them. On this account in Germany has its own peculiarities. There can be fined to pay on the spot by the police. This is done, of course, with all the rules and receipts. Payment is made as a credit card and cash. If the required amount you do not, the machine can be removed. Then you have to take it to the car pound, paying much more. Whatever it was, the extra cash in their pockets — the best remedy for overpayments.

There are in Germany and the number of fines, the size of which depends on the driver's wage.

Please note that in accordance with the law of the radar detector function must be deactivated. However, the use of radar detectors nobody forbids.

In some places, parking provided only for the locals, so if you park there rent a car, then the penalty can not be avoided.

In many places, the parking need to set the parking disc. Bought it at any gas station, attached at the time of stopping the windshield. The device records the time of arrival at the location.

Most of the parking spaces are equipped with terminals where you can use coupons or tokens to pay for parking.

How to Save

The biggest savings can be when renting a car. Make it better in advance and indicate the exact date of the rental period. It is best to perform all procedures for the 2 weeks to the point where you may need a car.

Please note that we are often held promotions and discounts. So it is possible for the same price to pick up a car, belonging to different classes. You can take the car on stands BookingCar in the city, and agree that it will be waiting for you at the airport. However, in this case, you will have to pay the airport tax. Therefore more profitable to take the car around the hotel or in the office.

It is best to rent a car in Germany after 31 March and before 1 November. The fact is that in the winter of "change shoes" of the machine. A winter kit will cost more than a summer one.

Generally, car rental can be disadvantageous if you come to Germany for 3-4 days. During this time, you can explore a number of attractions, to which it is possible to reach by public transport. Another thing — if the period of your stay longer and you will not be limited to the examination of only one city in the country. After all, here is something to see.

Rent a car with BookingCar — profitable, convenient and easy!

In case of any problems with the car rental BookingCar solve them as quickly as possible.


On-line round-the-clock.
Our 24/7 customer service is included in your rent +1 573 664 0288.

Enjoy your trip to Germany!

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