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Renting a Car in Italy

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Renting a car in Italy

Italy is a paradise for tourists. Do you want to make a crazy shopping? Welcome to Milan. Sports enthusiasts will not miss the opportunity to visit Rome or Monza, home of the race of the Formula I. And if you attract art and architecture, be sure to visit Rome, Florence or Venice.

In order to be able to move freely between all these cities, between the object of your interest is to rent a car, with which your trip will be more rich and comfortable. Still considered the sights from the window of a tour bus — not the great idea. Some of the best places to "touch" to experience the true "flavor" of the country. If you are planning to travel outside the city, it is better to opt for small cars, which is more convenient to navigate the winding roads.

On what you can save when renting

First of all — a car that runs on diesel fuel. In this case the reduced initial fee and deposit. The deposit amount will depend on how full your tank is filled, and the price of fuel used by the machine.

Some of the major car rental companies in Italy offer users maps of big banks considerable discounts. At the same time you can save from 10 to 20% of the cost.

On what can not save

Rent a car in Italy is a simple procedure is the same as anywhere else in Europe. There are representative offices of all major rolling offices and many local companies, known only in the territory of the country.

What company to choose? Large or small? With world-renowned or local? The answer to this question one finds himself, having studied the available offers on the brand of car and the rental conditions. Expensive or cheap rental cars would be in Italy depends on the conditions under which you sign a contract with a single rolling office or broker.

Someone always choose well-known brands, and does not want to spend time searching for special offers from local businesses. And someone on the contrary, it is necessary to thoroughly examine all the most attractive offers and save to the maximum. And those and others can pass on relevant sites and find what they want. The more that are available at each site rental company or broker order form significantly reduce the search time.

Having received from the system list all available rental cars in Italy, you can always choose the best option from both large international companies and from the local area. Carefully study the conditions of hire and then preparing for the journey will be successful. It is not necessary to distrust the little-known brands have rolling offices, because if they offer car brokers, means them it is possible to cooperate.

On our site you have the opportunity to see a lot of proposals and select the most suitable option for your budget. Just use the form selection, specifying city, the place of receipt of the car and expected date of travel.

Booking a car on our site, ask about the nuances of each rental offers: list of proposed machines read the tab "Rental conditions" for each option.
You can also call us at +44 203 808 4096 or request a call back — we will be happy to advise you and help you pick up the car on the terms that suit you.

What affects the cost of renting

Renting a car in ItalyInsurance is included in the rent. The highlight is a franchise that is the limitation of liability of the client. Effective this type of insurance is as follows. For example, you have specified a deductible of 1000 euros. This amount is frozen on your map. If an insured event has not occurred, and the machine is OK, then after the return of the car rental amount is returned to you. If the amount of the loss will be less than one thousand, then this amount is removed, if more — the entire deposit is removed, and the remainder is paid by the insurance company.

There are two variants of insurance. One involves a fixed deductible (CDW), the other — its absence (SCDW). In the latter case, all payments assumes the insurance company.

The size of the rental cost will depend on whether there is a limited or unlimited rally. In the first case — provided that you have exhausted the limit limit — you will have to pay.

The presence of fuel in the car is another important aspect. As a rule, you are given a car with a full tank. Full tank, and you have to return. Not topping up — you have to pay extra to the company, and not the fact that the cost of fuel is the same as at a gas station.

In Italy, you can rent a car, if you have the right and you are 18 years old. In this country, the minimum driving experience no one will ask. However, in many companies — if you are not yet 24 years old — for each day of rental you will be charged an extra 20 euros. The same amount will cost every day rental if the contract included a second driver.

Since the law children must be transported in a car seat appropriate for their age, for he, too, will have to pay. If you are planning to go out of town, rent and chains.

Features of the SDA in Italy

Renting a car in ItalyRent a car in Italy. Speed ​​limits depend on where you are traveling. In settlements in Italy are allowed to move at a speed not exceeding 50 km / h on the highway limit — 110 km / h on motorways — 130 km / h. If the camera detects exceeding the penalty would come into the company where you rented the car. Later the company will write off the required amount from your credit card.

Remember that the movement is right-sided. Overtaking is possible only on the left side. If the three bands, the far left is for turns, turns and overtaking.

What will have to pay at the time of rental

Of course, for the fuel. Diesel is cheaper than gasoline. However, transport fuel in cans is illegal.

There are a number of toll roads, with which you can cross the whole of Italy just a couple of hours. You can pay by cash or card, which should be available at the company where you take a car to rent.

Free parking spaces are marked with a white line, but most underground car parks in Italy. If the parking space is indicated by a yellow line, it means that it is designed for parking locals. So be careful!

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