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Renting a Car in Spain

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Rent a car in Spain is not a cheap pleasure. Although, of course, everything is relative, and then, choosing between public transportation, estimating the cost of the fare, many prefer to travel is by car, especially as to rent a vehicle in Spain without problems. However, the cost of this service may vary.

For the weekend rental will be cheaper. But if you do not book a car in advance, there may be problems with the choice of the brand of the machine. But back to the time off will be more expensive.

You can order the car directly to the airport, but it will have to pay more than if you brought the car to the hotel.

Features and rent

To take advantage of car rental in Spain, you need a driver's license of international standard and a credit card, which will be enough money, do not forget that in addition to the cost of the rental car you have a certain amount will be blocked as collateral.

Renting a car in SpainThe age requirement to a driver may be different in many firms. The most common minimum age limit — 21 years, but there are companies, which require that the driver was not under the age of 23 years. Similar differences exist and driving experience. Somewhere it is 1 year, somewhere — 2 years.

The car is given with a full tank. The price includes insurance with a deductible. To expand or reduce the amount of the franchise is also possible, but this is the additional services that will have to pay.

If you do not know Spanish or Catalan, you can require that the contract was given to you in English.

Having your own car offers you a great opportunity. So, in a rented car, you can even go to neighboring countries, which are part of the Schengen zone of action, however, will have to pay for insurance.

What is worth remembering

Exceed the speed is not recommended. Many highways are equipped with speed cameras. Moreover, information on the excess may come to the nearest police station, where you can stop and ask to pay a fine. Payment is made on the spot.

Renting a car in SpainThe penalty for the use of radar detectors can reach 6000 euros. In Spain passing beam can be turned on only when driving tunnels.

Taking a car to rent, make sure it is fully equipped, that is, it has two warning triangle, spare tire and a vest with reflective strips. The latter should be worn always, if you go out on the roadway or curb.

If you are a foreigner and you are prescribed a small fee, you can pay it on the spot, while receiving a good bonus in the form of a discount of 50%. Otherwise, the car may even delay. And then you pay for it will have further, buying cars from the car pound. Until then — to move on foot.

Permitted blood alcohol levels vary, depending on your experience. Thus, drivers with less than two years already for 0,3 ‰ can get a fine. And for those who otezdil higher minimum may be raised to 0,5 ‰.

Some traffic lights in Spain are controlled by radar. So if you have exceeded the speed, then you make it lower ... light a red light at the traffic lights.

Renting a car in SpainRemember the rule: sit behind the wheel to remove the phone. Even with a headset to use is prohibited. And the speaker will not help. An exception may be only in the case if your machine is equipped with a speaker for your phone.

Some roads in Spain are paid. Payment is made in three ways: the first — a card, the second — in cash, but the third option preferred by the locals. They acquire a special device to which the amount is credited, and which is attached to the machine. His scan radar, writing off the cost of travel. All this allows us to avoid traffic jams. If the machine has a device, choose the band, which depicts a black square with an inscribed circle in a blue with white stripes.

Traffic in Spain is most often placed on the banners above the roadway. Therefore it is best to take the car antidazzle strip on the glass.

Toll roads

Scheme of paid roads of Spain

Several types of parking

Unfortunately, with parking in Spain complicated. So find out where to park the car, is extremely problematic. There is even an area where parking is allowed only with a special permit (Horas laborables). In the blue zone you can leave the car by paying the ticket, which is issued from the machine.

Aparcamiento subterráneo is an underground car park. Availability according to the special board. Payment is made at the exit.

In some cities, you can leave your car near the small shops and tobacconists. For this we need to acquire in these institutions pass. Unfortunately, the parking time in this case — a maximum of 1.5 hours. So count your time!

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